Regent's Meaning
The word Regent is defined as “A principal person who is appointed to administer in the absence of a ruler with adequate experience”. This reflects our approach. To help new Owners and Builders through Yacht Projects.
What Regent's Specialise in
Regent Yachts specialise in  Super Yacht Project, Programs and Companies. Using our network of contacts in various disciplines, in such areas as engineers, surveyors, lawyers, designers etc. we are able to build a team for you.
We believe in a well-structured and documented project, program or company, with established paper trails to ensure that matters are legal and decisions can be traced back to persons acting within the scope of their authorities.

Project Director, Andrew Williamson, graduated in Yacht Manufacturing Management at Solent University, UK and has been accepted as member of the Association of Project Managers. He has worked with some of the largest Super Yacht builders in Europe, and across the world, and headed a team of reputable engineers, lawyers, designers, naval architects and other contractors.  
Regent Yachts are quite comfortable to either work for an Owner/Bank or a Builder.

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Regent Yachts was formed by Andrew Williamson. View the 'Linked In' profile at 
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