Super Yacht Leasing

For those who want to experience the

process of a Yacht design from the start

- Platinum Membership -

16 Yachts between 65 to 95 metres, plus 8 support vessels, gives you and your family world wide access to a fleet of custom Italian designed, stylish Super Yachts, and when they are finished, their replacements will be started, so you will always be on a new yacht.

More personalised than charter - more cost effective than full ownership

Leases can be offset against company profits

Platinum membership benefits are:

• Guaranteed repayment of the lease price once all builds are complete, plus a bonus
• 1st come 1st serve priority access to the cruising areas and dates
• Introductory Lease Price for phase one, the 65 and 85 metre Yachts
• Being part of the design process of the Yachts, usually the privilege of custom yacht owners
• Sit on the committee and enjoy Super Yacht Lifestyle without the cost that goes with it
• First refusal on the 75 and 95 metre yachts so you are always on the newest and biggest


Advantages of leasing a Yacht

• Professional teams will manage the Yachts for you, including crew, maintenance and refits
• 8 Super Yachts and 4 support vessels for 2025 means immediate choice of cruising grounds
• Designer will work with your family so you can personalise your own interior experience • Mix and match between yachts sizes. 65 and 85 metre, then by 2029, the 75 and 95 metre
• 65 metre Yachts for family holidays (12 Guests)
• 85 metre Yachts for (13-36 Guests) for corporate events or larger families • Discreet use, privacy and confidentiality is assured
• Guaranteed access to new stylish Yachts, plus a 2nd generation replacement program • Referral payment structure for introducing new leaseholders to the program  


A ‘LIMITED NUMBER’ of Platinum Leases are available in the program

• Dates for choice of cruising grounds strictly in order that leases are signed up
• Platinum Member’s bonus is increased if they upgrade to the 75 and 95m Yachts
• Subject to letter of intent being signed
• Deposit to be paid (Payment in Sterling and BBX accepted subject to agreed split)
• Once full allocation of Platinum leases are sold, next allocation will be Silver Leases
• Silver membership will enjoy all the ‘Advantages of Leasing a Yacht’ but without some of the Platinum Membership privileges and benefits
• Finance for Leases may be available subject to status.
• Lease Payment due once design process is completed, which will be 9 months to 1 year
• Once delivered, annual service charges for fixed costs (crew/maintenance) and variable costs (fuel/entertainment etc.) will be applied  

The next steps

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