A world wide Super Yacht Club, where members will have access to 16 Yachts ranging in size from 65 to 95 metres and have 8 Support Vessels.
All the Vessels will be specifically designed so that a Club Members decorative panels, art work, music, videos, toiletries, cushions and rugs etc. can be transported between any Yacht in the fleet. This will give the feeling that the Club Member is on their own Yacht, for a fraction of the cost of full Yacht ownership.
The Club Member could be cruising in the South of France, then New Zealand then the America, and always have their own style around them, but all that will move around the world will be their possessions, not the Yachts. Very efficient and practical.
Let us ask you these questions.

Fresh Thinking

  • Yachting without the stress. Do you like the idea of joining a club which will enable you to try the experience of owning a Yacht, without all of the headaches?
  • Pay for what you use. Do you hate the idea of paying for a Super Yacht, crew, maintenance, insurance full time but only spend 10% of your time on it?
  • Fleet of 65-95 metre Yachts. Do want a choice from a fleet of Yachts located around the world between 65 and 95 metres?
  • Special Cruises. Do you want to know that there will be special cruises organised to more unusual places like Easter Island, the North West Passage, Antarctic
  • Offices in London and France. Do you want to know that there will be Offices in London and South of France you can call into, as well as a control centre handling all administrative and technical aspects?
  • Buy your own Yacht. Do you like the idea that, in time, if you want a Yacht all to yourself you have the option to buy it from the Club and have it refitted to your own style?
  • Discreet and confidential use. Do you like the idea that the use of the Yachts will be discreet and confidential, meaning that you should have more privacy during your leisure time?
  • Yachts cater for Couples, Families, Clubs and Corporate Events. Do you like the idea that some of the Yacht will have arrangements more suitable for couples and families, and other Yachts will be arranged larger Clubs or Corporate events to go cruising.

Experienced Team

  • Specify your Yachts features. Do you like the idea that the Yacht you are on can be personalised to your taste and culture, as well as having your Personal Possessions on board?
  • Italian Designer. Do you like the idea of sitting down with an Italian Designer and having panels, art work, carpets, music, films and other features installed in a Yacht so it feels like it truly reflects your families style.
  • World wide fleet of Yachts. Do you want to know that when ever you step onto the Yacht, whether you are in New Zealand, America, Monaco, South China Sea, Indian Ocean there will always be a person you know dedicated to you.

Cost effective

  • Efficient costs. Do you like the idea that the costs of paying for your leisure time are run just as efficiently as you would expect your business interests to be run?
  • Replacement Yachts. Do you like the idea that your Yacht could be replaced for a new one every 5-10 years?
  • Highest quality design and fit out. Do you want your Yacht to be designed by the Italians, Fitted Out by the Germans, Electrical Equipment installed by the Dutch and Painted by the Spanish?
  • Club handles annual maintenance and crew. Do you want to know that someone else will handle the annual maintenance, insurance and crew aspects of your Yacht and have it refitted every 5 years?
  • Club support vessels. Do you like the idea that the club will have their own support vessels to help load and unload your personal possessions, carry spare parts for the Yachts, provide a fast cleaning service so you can get on your Yacht sooner and provide peace of mind.
  • Value built into the joining fee. Do you like the idea that you can trade up through the Yacht Club as more identical vessels are launched and that there is 30-40% of value built into your membership
  • Fleet purchase means economies of scale passed on to members. Do you like the idea of a membership fee which has been negotiated to give the club the benefits of massive economies of scale, and this is passed on to the members?
  • More efficient than Chartering. Do you like the idea that the annual membership has been set to undercut cost of comparable chartering over a 5 year period, and you still get to specify the interior of your own Yacht?
  • Tax Efficient Lease. Do you like the idea that your membership will be structured as a lease, which means it may be Tax Deductible?
  • Mix and Match. Do you like the idea that your Joining Fee and Annual Membership can be arranged so that you can have access to larger and smaller yachts throughout the year.

Protecting your interests

  • Funds held in Trust. Do you want to know that during construction your funds are held totally separate from the Builder and only released once you have seen the Yacht floating in the water?
  • Financial Arrangements in place. Do you want to know that Banks and Surety Societies are already in place to support construction of the new fleet of Yachts?
  • Membership Committee. Do you want a Club membership with a Committee that can put forward your interests
  • Is Yachting for you? Do you want to know that if you decide that Yachting is not for you, you can leave, and that the Club will buy back your membership?
  • Build team has previously worked together. Do you like the idea that the majority of the design, management and build team have previously worked together successfully on the reference yacht?

The next steps


Super Yacht Design Stage Crowdfunding

The first Memberships to be released will be the four x 65 metre and four x 85 metre Yachts. There are only a certain number of memberships available for the whole fleet.
The first category of Membership to be released will be the ‘Founder Members’ that will carry special privileges. These will be limited in number.
Information such as a download of the Regent Super Yacht Club book and ‘Founder Member’ Joining Fee and Annual Membership costs will be available.
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